About Us

Our Purpose

The St. Joseph County Medical Society is a professional organization, uniting the physicians of St. Joseph County, Indiana into a mutual neutral organization; preserving and promoting the health of the citizens of St. Joseph County, the physician/patient relationship, the medical profession, and the interests of physicians.

Current Board of Trustees

Dr. Natali Balog


Dr. Brent Mohr

Board Chairman

Dr. Arthur Wang


Dr. Kathryn Cox Cohoon, Past President

Dr. Kathleen Delnay, Trustee

Dr. Russell Farrell, Trustee

Dr. Thomas Felger, Trustee

Dr. Harriet Hamer, Trustee

Dr. Ester van de Wal, Trustee

2020 ISMA  House of Delegate Members

Dr. Brent Mohr, Past ISMA President

Dr. Natali Balog, ISMA 13th District Trustee

Dr.. Kathryn Cox Cohoon

Dr. Kathleen Delnay

Dr. Matthew DuPre

Dr. Thomas Felger

Dr. Harriet Hamer

Dr. Debra McClain

Dr. Ester Van Der Wal

Dr. Arthur Wang