A message from the President

Hello all!


Checking in with everyone in the county.  Clearly these are surreal times.  Although the economic ramifications have the potential for being severe, this is a health pandemic of unprecedented size in our lifetime that has the potential to dramatically affect generations and even genders as the highest number of deaths have been among males.   We have not been faced with significant thoughts of rationing healthcare, but it is upon us as we are seeing what New York is dealing with.


The ISMA has been working with the Governor’s office on ensuring compensation for telehealth visits as we try to keep non-urgent visits out of the office and I encourage you to go to the ISMA website for information as they are updating regularly.   What can we do at the county level?  As healthcare has become siloed and institutionalized, we are not able to communicate as effectively as physicians with each other.  The curbsides have turned into Doc Halo’s text and although convenient, have distanced us more. I know many of you may not be social media fans, but it would be nice if we had a way to communicate within the county.  We are going to start a trial of a physician member only Facebook group. It can be found by the name: SJCMS (Physician Member Only). You will have to request to join the page which will allow us to verify membership prior to approval.  Please note, there is a public page also for the society that can be found at: St. Joseph County Medical Society. Of course, you would not share patient names online at all, but this would be a place to ask colleagues how they are dealing with different issues in our area. It can also be a place where you can communicate with the SJCMS on how we can serve you better.  I know there is the Doximity platform but that is a nationwide site and many times there are issues that are not specific to where we are in the world. 


We are going to delay our annual meeting, which is usually scheduled in May, until the fall with everything going on and look for suggestions on topics.  Typically, in a presidential election year we have had a political round table type of event where we ask people running for office to come to the meeting for question answers type setting.  If we were to ask candidates to come, it would be ideal to know there was going to be awesome support and participation from our physician members of the county.


Thank you for all that you do every day for the care of your patients.  Stay strong and stay healthy! 



Natali Balog, MD

President, SJCMS

Trustee, 13th District Medical Society


Your Medical Society wants to maintain accurate communication tools with all SJCMS Members. Please click on the link below to update your information which is used for physician referrals, important notices from the Society and other communications. We hope this makes updating information easier and more convenient for you. If you have any questions or concerns or would prefer to call us with updates, please call (574) 288-4401.


If you are a physician and would like additional information on becoming a member of our organization, please call or email us!


If you are a member of the general public and want to know if your physician is a member of St. Joseph County Medical Society, please call (574) 288-4401 or E-Mail us: SJCMS@MedDentSociety.com.

We also provide referrals to physicians. If you are new to the area or simply seeking a change of physicians, we are ready to help!

Additionally, our Commission on Professional Affairs reviews concerns from patients who might have questions about whether or not their treatment was ethical or appropriate.

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