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A message from the President

The St. Joseph County Medical Society is a professional organization, founded in 1827, uniting the physicians of St. Joseph County, Indiana into a mutual neutral organization; preserving and promoting the health of the citizens of St. Joseph County, the physician/patient relationship, the medical profession, and the interests of physicians.


Through membership with SJCMS you will also become a member of the Indiana State Medical Association which entitles you to all the benefits and services it provides. A SJCMS membership makes sure your voice will be heard at the state level.



  • Protect your interests as a physician! Your medical society advocates for you on important issues not only in St Joseph County but also the state and country.

  • Join the community of physicians in the area by networking with peers, established physicians, and health care leaders.

  • Ensure you have a voice and vote on key issues affecting the practice of medicine.

  • SJCMS provides opportunities to lead and to serve the profession and the community locally, regionally, and nationally.

SJCMS works on behalf of all local physicians, which we prove through our advocacy, professionalism, and drive for the advancement of health care. We are a society that is run by and for doctors, and at 193 years old, we remain a strong force for effective leadership in the practice of medicine.



SJCMS supports physicians in their efforts to serve patients, succeed in their medical practices, realize their professional potential, and achieve their personal goals. SJCMS can provide answers, identify resources, or otherwise help individual physicians get prompt attention to a variety of problems. We are proud of our long history of members that have served as Indiana State Medical Association President and our strong representation in the American Medical Association House of Delegates.



SJCMS is committed to improving the well-being of our local community. We have brought in nationally renowned presenters to speak on relevant topics including a town hall meeting on opioids for the community and a youth summit that discussed bullying, drug abuse, cyberbullying, and wellness for middle school students in our county.


We challenge you as a doctor, and therefore a community leader, to join us in our efforts to improve public health and the advancement of the profession of medicine


Your Medical Society wants to maintain accurate communication tools with all SJCMS Members. Please click on the link below to update your information which is used for physician referrals, important notices from the Society and other communications. We hope this makes updating information easier and more convenient for you. If you have any questions or concerns or would prefer to call us with updates, please call (574) 288-4401.


If you are a physician and would like additional information on becoming a member of our organization, please call or email us!


If you are a member of the general public and want to know if your physician is a member of St. Joseph County Medical Society, please call (574) 288-4401 or E-Mail us:

We also provide referrals to physicians. If you are new to the area or simply seeking a change of physicians, we are ready to help!

Additionally, our Commission on Professional Affairs reviews concerns from patients who might have questions about whether or not their treatment was ethical or appropriate.

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